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1 Amorphization of Vanadium Oxides during the Reversible Insertion of Lithium Skundin, A. M.

49 6 p. 416-422
2 Effect of Point Defects on the Electromigration Rate at the Interface of Joined Materials Makhviladze, T. M.

49 6 p. 423-430
3 Injection Diffusion-Drift Pulse Former Gaev, D. S.

49 6 p. 411-415
4 Kinetics and Mechanisms of Reactive-Ion Etching of Si and SiO2 in a Plasma of a Mixture of HBr + O2 Efremov, A. M.

49 6 p. 379-384
5 Microwave Characteristics of Amplifiers on Nanoheterostructures of Gallium Nitride in the 80–100 GHz Frequency Range Gnatyuk, D. L.

49 6 p. 404-410
6 Modeling of the Crystallization and Correlation of the Properties with the Composition and Particle Size in Two-Dimensional GaSxSe1 –x (0 ≤ х ≤ 1) Asadov, S. M.

49 6 p. 452-465
7 Simulation of a Normally-off HEMT Transistor Based on a GaN/AlGaN with a p-Gate Egorkin, V. I.

49 6 p. 445-451
8 Spots Concept for Problems of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms of Neuromorphic Systems Simonov, N. A.

49 6 p. 431-444
9 Technology of Nanosized Metal Layers for Forming a Reliable Contact to the Drain Area of Silicon Transistors Ismailov, T. A.

49 6 p. 385-388
10 Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition of TiNx Using TiCl4 and N2H4 Abdulagatov, A. I.

49 6 p. 389-403
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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