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1 Green Solvents for the Extraction of High Added-Value Compounds from Agri-food Waste Torres-Valenzuela, Laura Sofía

12 1 p. 83-100
2 Models of Sigmoid Equilibrium Moisture Sorption Isotherms With and Without the Monolayer Hypothesis Peleg, Micha

12 1 p. 1-13
3 Nanoscale Delivery System for Nutraceuticals: Preparation, Application, Characterization, Safety, and Future Trends Chen, Jiawei

12 1 p. 14-31
4 Osmotic Processing of Meat: Mathematical Modeling and Quality Parameters Dimakopoulou-Papazoglou, Dafni

12 1 p. 32-47
5 Recent Advances in the Production of Fruit Leathers da Silva Simão, Raquel

12 1 p. 68-82
6 Sanitization Potential of Ozone and Its Role in Postharvest Quality Management of Fruits and Vegetables Aslam, Raouf

12 1 p. 48-67
                             6 gevonden resultaten
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