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1 Domain Wall Precession in a Narrow Magnetic Nanowire Trushin, O. S.

50 1 p. 69-73
2 Effect of a Mixture’s Composition on the Electrophysical Parameters and Emission Spectra of Hydrogen Chloride Plasma with Chlorine and Helium Pivovarenok, S. A.

50 1 p. 39-44
3 Effect of Process-Related Impurities on the Electrophysical Parameters of a MOS Transistor Odzhaev, V. B.

50 1 p. 63-68
4 Experimental Study of the Influence of the Porosity of Thin-Film Silicon-Based Anodes on Their Charge-Discharge Characteristics Kulova, T. L.

50 1 p. 45-53
5 Influence of Deposition Conditions and Ion-Plasma Treatment of Thin Cobalt Films on Their Electrical Resistivity Amirov, I. I.

50 1 p. 1-7
6 Influence of Resist Spreading during Its Dry Electron-Beam Etching on a Lateral Resolution Isaev, A. G.

50 1 p. 19-23
7 Kinetics of the Volumetric and Heterogeneous Processes in the Plasma of a C4F8 + O2 + Ar Mixture Efremov, A. M.

50 1 p. 24-32
8 Metallization of Vias in Silicon Wafers to Produce Three-Dimensional Microstructures Vorobjova, A. I.

50 1 p. 8-18
9 Modification of Diazoquinone-Novolac Photoresist Films by the Implantation of Antimony Ions Brinkevich, S. D.

50 1 p. 33-38
10 Numerical Simulation of Cryogenic Etching: Model with Delayed Desorption Rudenko, M. K.

50 1 p. 54-62
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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