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1 A Wicked Fairy in the Woods - how would People alter their Animal Product Consumption if they were affected by the Consequences of their Choices? Persson, Kirsten

4 1 p. 1-20
2 Consumer Accuracy at Identifying Plant-based and Animal-based Milk Items Feltz, Silke

4 1 p. 85-112
3 Normative Concepts of Nature in the GMO Protest. A Qualitative Content Analysis of Position Papers Criticizing Green Genetic Engineering in Germany Dürnberger, Christian

4 1 p. 49-66
4 Recirculation Aquaculture Systems: Sustainable Innovations in Organic Food Production? Meisch, Simon

4 1 p. 67-84
5 Sue Booth and John Coveney: Food Democracy: from Consumer to Food Citizen. (SpringerBriefs in Public Health) Robaey, Zoë

4 1 p. 113-115
6 Vegetable Diversity, Productivity, and Weekly Nutrient Supply from Improved Home Gardens Managed by Ethnic Families - a Pilot Study in Northwest Vietnam Ha, To Thi Thu

4 1 p. 35-48
7 When the Working Environment is Bad, you Take it out on the Animals – How Employees on Danish Farms Perceive Animal Welfare Anneberg, Inger

4 1 p. 21-34
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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