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1 Adaptive caches as a defense mechanism against cache side-channel attacks Bandara, Sahan

11 3 p. 239-255
2 A large-scale comprehensive evaluation of single-slice ring oscillator and PicoPUF bit cells on 28-nm Xilinx FPGAs Gu, Chongyan

11 3 p. 227-238
3 A novel topology-guided attack and its countermeasure towards secure logic locking Zhang, Yuqiao

11 3 p. 213-226
4 A survey of algorithmic methods in IC reverse engineering Azriel, Leonid

11 3 p. 299-315
5 Fault intensity map analysis with neural network key distinguisher Ramezanpour, Keyvan

11 3 p. 273-288
6 Low-cost distance-spoofing attack on FMCW radar and its feasibility study on countermeasure Nashimoto, Shoei

11 3 p. 289-298
7 SCA secure and updatable crypto engines for FPGA SoC bitstream decryption: extended version Unterstein, Florian

11 3 p. 257-272
8 Simple electromagnetic analysis attack based on geometric leak on ASIC implementation of ring-oscillator PUF Shiozaki, Mitsuru

11 3 p. 201-212
9 The ASHES 2019 special issue at JCEN Chang, Chip-Hong

11 3 p. 199-200
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