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1 Application of the Spectral Ellipsometry Method to Study the Processes of Atomic Layer Deposition Miakonkikh, A. V.

50 4 p. 230-238
2 Comparative Analysis of Modeling CMOS Majority Gates When Collecting a Charge from Tracks of Single Ionizing Particles Stenin, V. Ya.

50 4 p. 253-263
3 Nanoscale Structuring of Gallium Arsenide in High-Frequency and Glow Discharge Plasma Dunaev, A. V.

50 4 p. 246-252
4 Self-Heating Effect in Submicronic SOI-CMOS Transistors Rumyantsev, S. V.

50 4 p. 278-285
5 Simulation of Nucleation of Multiple Component 2D GaSxSe1 –x Using an Evolutionary Equation Asadov, S. M.

50 4 p. 264-277
6 Theoretical Base and Industrial Implementation of Frontal Photopolymerization with an Extremely Small Width of the Front of the Reaction Treushnikov, V. M.

50 4 p. 211-229
7 Transformation of the Spectra of a Attenuated Total Reflection when Drying a Diazoquinone-Novolach Photoresist Brinkevich, D. I.

50 4 p. 239-245
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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