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1 Concerning the Effect of Type of Fluorocarbon Gas on the Output Characteristics of the Reactive-Ion Etching Process Efremov, A. M.

49 3 p. 157-165
2 Features of the Application of Reactive Ion Etching of Quartz in the Production of Pendulums of Q-Flex Accelerometers Kharlamov, M. S.

49 3 p. 184-194
3 Modeling of Single Ionizing Particle Impacts on Logical Elements of a CMOS Triple Majority Gate Katunin, Yu. V.

49 3 p. 214-223
4 Nonlocal Electron Dynamics in Donor‒Acceptor Doped Transistor Heterostructures Pashkovskii, A. B.

49 3 p. 195-209
5 Obtaining Electrically Conductive Structures by Electrochemical Deposition of Copper onto Substrates of Anodized Aluminum Using Polyfluorochalcones as a Photoresist Layer Derevyashkin, S. V.

49 3 p. 173-183
6 Planar Triode for Vacuum Microelectronics Rekhviashvili, S. Sh.

49 3 p. 210-213
7 Role of Readsorption in the Formation of Vertical AIIIBV Nanowires with Self-Catalytic Growth Nastovjak, A. G.

49 3 p. 166-172
8 The Effect of Temperature on the Development of a Contrast HSQ Electronic Resist Tatarintsev, A. A.

49 3 p. 151-156
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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