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1 Assessment of Delivery and Receipt of a Complex School-Based Smoking Intervention: A Systematic Quantitative Process Evaluation Jensen, Marie Pil

3 2 p. 129-146
2 Development of an Implementation Blueprint to Scale-Up Contraception Care for Adolescents with Psychiatric Conditions in a Pediatric Hospital Hyzak, Kathryn A.

3 2 p. 147-161
3 Dissemination and Implementation of School-Based Health Promotion Programs: A Descriptive Comparison of Case Studies in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic Pettigrew, Jonathan

3 2 p. 112-128
4 Documenting the Implementation Gap: Pre-implementation Supports Kerns, Suzanne E. U.

3 2 p. 85-98
5 Facilitators and Barriers to the Implementation of BETTER WISE, a Chronic Disease and Prevention Intervention in Canada: A Qualitative Study Sopcak, Nicolette

3 2 p. 162-172
6 Factors Influencing the Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions with Street-Connected Children and Youth: Two Case Studies from Eldoret, Kenya Embleton, Lonnie

3 2 p. 195-211
7 Fidelity, Feasibility and Adaptation of a Family Planning Intervention for Young Women in Zimbabwe: Provider Perspectives and Experiences Mavodza, Constancia V.

3 2 p. 182-194
8 Identifying Methods to Select and Tailor Implementation Strategies to Context-Specific Determinants in Child Mental Health Settings: A Scoping Review Sridhar, Aksheya

3 2 p. 212-229
9 Implementing Person-Centered Recovery Planning: New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Learning Collaborative Evaluation Report Stanojlović, Milena

3 2 p. 173-181
10 Using Stakeholder Input to Guide Data Visualization and Reporting to Promote Evidence-based Practice Use in Public Schools Locke, Jill

3 2 p. 99-111
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