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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 AI ethics: A framework for measuring embodied carbon in AI systems Mulligan, Catherine

2 3 p. 363-375
2 Analytical modelling and UK Government policy Oldfield, Marie

2 3 p. 389-404
3 Artificial intelligence in education: Addressing ethical challenges in K-12 settings Akgun, Selin

2 3 p. 431-440
4 Bias, awareness, and ignorance in deep-learning-based face recognition Wehrli, Samuel

2 3 p. 509-522
5 Coarse ethics: how to ethically assess explainable artificial intelligence Izumo, Takashi

2 3 p. 449-461
6 Data minimization for GDPR compliance in machine learning models Goldsteen, Abigail

2 3 p. 477-491
7 Distributed responsibility in human–machine interactions Strasser, Anna

2 3 p. 523-532
8 Foundations for the future: institution building for the purpose of artificial intelligence governance Stix, Charlotte

2 3 p. 463-476
9 Identifying key ethical debates for autonomous robots in agri-food: a research agenda Ryan, Mark

2 3 p. 493-507
10 Putting AI ethics to work: are the tools fit for purpose? Ayling, Jacqui

2 3 p. 405-429
11 The ethics of facial recognition technologies, surveillance, and accountability in an age of artificial intelligence: a comparative analysis of US, EU, and UK regulatory frameworks Almeida, Denise

2 3 p. 377-387
12 The ethics of technology innovation: a double-edged sword? De Cremer, David

2 3 p. 533-537
13 Using edge cases to disentangle fairness and solidarity in AI ethics Brusseau, James

2 3 p. 441-447
                             13 gevonden resultaten
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