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1 A performance evaluation method of queuing theory based on Cosmos cross-chain platform Wu, Ou

5 4 p. 465-485
2 ExaLB: a mathematical framework for load balancing to support distributed exascale computing environments Mollasalehi, Faezeh

5 4 p. 390-415
3 ExaSU: a mathematical model for selecting the structured or unstructured resource discovery mechanism in distributed exascale computing environments Fakhri, Pouria

5 4 p. 416-428
4 GEO-WMS: an improved approach to geoscientific workflow management system on HPC Guo, Jiaxu

5 4 p. 360-373
5 Leveraging simulation of high performance computing systems with node simulation using architecture simulator Lin, Fang

5 4 p. 442-464
6 MP-DPS: adaptive distributed training for deep learning based on node merging and path prediction Zeng, Yan

5 4 p. 429-441
7 MPEFT: a makespan minimizing heuristic scheduling algorithm for workflows in heterogeneous computing systems Sirisha, D.

5 4 p. 374-389
8 The GRAPES evaluation tools based on Python (GetPy) Zhao, Bin

5 4 p. 347-359
                             8 results found
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