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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 An efficient flow-based multi-level hybrid intrusion detection system for software-defined networks Latah, Majd

3 3-4 p. 261-271
2 A trusted recommendation scheme for privacy protection based on federated learning Wang, Yichuan

3 3-4 p. 218-228
3 Blockchain-driven anomaly detection framework on edge intelligence Xie, Xueshuo

3 3-4 p. 171-192
4 Cooperative abnormal sound event detection in end-edge-cloud orchestrated systems Wang, Jingrong

3 3-4 p. 158-170
5 ECAS: an efficient and conditional privacy preserving collision warning system in fog-based vehicular ad hoc networks Qin, Zhiguang

3 3-4 p. 205-217
6 Editorial of CCF transactions on networking: special issue on intelligence-enabled end-edge-cloud orchestrated computing Ren, Ju

3 3-4 p. 155-157
7 Performance analysis of hybrid SAC-OCDMA-OFDM model over free space optical communication Bhanja, Urmila

3 3-4 p. 272-285
8 Proof of outsourced encryption: cross verification of security service level agreement Alasmari, Sultan

3 3-4 p. 229-244
9 QoE evaluation of dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH) with promising transport layer protocols Khan, Koffka

3 3-4 p. 245-260
10 Towards fair and efficient task allocation in blockchain-based crowdsourcing Pang, Xiaoyi

3 3-4 p. 193-204
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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