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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A deep-wavelet neural network to detect and classify lesions in mammographic images de Santana, Maíra Araújo

38 4 p. 1051-1066
2 An autocorrelation modeling method for oxygen saturation measurement during low perfusion Tan, Shuangping

38 4 p. 1103-1111
3 A new approach to predict the performance of objective response detectors from Monte Carlo simulations Passos, Marcos Aurelio Freire Ferraz

38 4 p. 1113-1119
4 A novel approach for real-time ECG signal denoising using Fourier decomposition method Tripathi, Prashant Mani

38 4 p. 1037-1049
5 Covid-19 detection using chest X-rays: is lung segmentation important for generalization? Bassi, Pedro R. A. S.

38 4 p. 1121-1139
6 Development and safety evaluation of a new device for cup-feeding Mallet, Nadia Rodrigues

38 4 p. 1081-1086
7 Development of CNN-based robust dysarthric isolated digit recognition system by enhancing speech intelligibility Revathi, A.

38 4 p. 1067-1079
8 Method for determining the effect of nonspherical head geometry in hip joint implants on contact pressures Chernets, Myron

38 4 p. 1029-1035
9 Scalable weighted-cumulated methodology for fatigue estimation de Oliveira Nascimento, Francisco Assis

38 4 p. 1087-1101
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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