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1 Influence of Ionic Liquid on Transport Properties of Hybrid Membranes in the Lactic Acid Dehydration Process Rostovtseva, V. A.

3 5 p. 274-281
2 Influence of Protonation–Deprotonation Reactions on the Diffusion of Ammonium Chloride through Anion-Exchange Membrane Melnikova, E. D.

3 5 p. 324-333
3 Influence of Titanium Dioxide Particles Percentage in Modifying Layer on Surface Properties and Current-Voltage Characteristics of Composite Cation-Exchange Membranes Gil, V. V.

3 5 p. 334-343
4 Membrane Technologies for Decarbonization Alent’ev, A. Yu.

3 5 p. 255-273
5 Preparation, Structure, and Properties of Track-Etched Membranes Based on Polylactic Acid Ivanova, N. M.

3 5 p. 282-290
6 Production of High-Purity Hydrogen by Steam Reforming of Associated Petroleum Gas in Membrane Reactor with Industrial Nickel Catalyst Didenko, L. P.

3 5 p. 302-309
7 Stability of Properties of a Modified Anion-Exchange Membrane Obtained by Treating the Surface of a Commercial Sample with Bifunctional Polymer Containing Quaternary Amino Groups Butylskii, D. Yu.

3 5 p. 291-301
8 The Separation of Highly Mineralized Effluents Using Nanofiltration Membranes to Facilitate Their Further Utilization Pervov, A. G.

3 5 p. 310-323
9 The Utilization of Highly Mineralized Liquid Waste from a Chemical Desalination Water Treatment Plant of a TPP with the Generation of Electrical Energy by Reverse Electrodialysis Filimonova, A. A.

3 5 p. 344-350
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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