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1 Effect of Functional Phosphonic Groups Grafted on the Silica Surface on the Properties of Hybrid Membranes Based on Polybenzimidazole PBI-O-PhT Lysova, A. A.

3 4 p. 206-211
2 Estimation of the Influence of the Composition and Thickness of Catalytic Layers on Hydrogen Permeability of Tantalum Membranes Panichkin, A. V.

3 4 p. 212-219
3 Investigation of Causes of Low Current Efficiency in Electrodialysis of Phosphate-Containing Solutions Rybalkina, O. A.

3 4 p. 220-230
4 Mathematical Modelling of a Nanoparticle Motion in a Membrane Pore under Action of Molecular Forces Vorotyntsev, V. M.

3 4 p. 245-253
5 Preparation and Electrochemical Properties of Heterogeneous Bipolar Membranes with a Catalyst for the Water Dissociation Reaction Kovalev, N. V.

3 4 p. 231-244
6 Synthesis and Gas Transport Properties of Copolymers of Polybenzodioxane PIM-1 and Tetrahydroxyanthracene Alentiev, A. Yu.

3 4 p. 199-205
                             6 results found
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