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1 A Deep Eutectic Solvent as a Modifier of Polyphenylene Oxide Membranes for Acetic Acid Dehydration Faykov, I. I.

3 2 p. 124-130
2 Effect of the Mass Fraction of Ion-Exchange Resin in a Ralex CM Cation-Exchange Membrane on Demineralization of Phenylalanine Aqueous Salt Solutions by Neutralization Dialysis Vasil’eva, V. I.

3 2 p. 98-106
3 Fabrication of Composite Membranes Based on Polytetrafluoroethylene with a Cellulose Acetate Surface Layer for Water Deionization Fazullin, D. D.

3 2 p. 107-113
4 Gas Permeability of Cellulose Acetate Films Treated with Fluorine in Perfluorodecalin Belov, N. A.

3 2 p. 114-123
5 Lanthanum-Containing Proton-Conducting Electrolytes with Perovskite Structures Kasyanova, A. V.

3 2 p. 73-97
6 Model of Competitive Ion Transfer in an Electro-Baromembrane System with Track-Etched Membrane Kislyi, A. G.

3 2 p. 131-138
7 Separation of Archipelago- and Continent-Type Asphaltenes on Ultrafiltration Membranes Yushkin, A. A.

3 2 p. 139-145
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