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1 Effect of Ultrasonic Treatment of Nafion® Polymer Solutions on Properties of Membranes Obtained by a Casting Procedure Safronova, E. Yu.

3 1 p. 8-14
2 Electrochemical Properties and Selectivity of Bilayer Ion-Exchange Membranes in Ternary Solutions of Strong Electrolytes Achoh, A. R.

3 1 p. 52-71
3 Electrostatic and Molecular Interaction between a Charged Spherical Particle and a Charged Membrane Pore: The Case of Given Surface Charge Densities Filippov, A. N.

3 1 p. 15-23
4 Enhancement of Gas Separation Properties of Polyvinyltrimethylsilane by Low-Temperature Plasma Treatment for Carbon Dioxide Utilization in “Green Chemistry” Processes Syrtsova, D. A.

3 1 p. 43-51
5 Synthesis and Gas Transport Parameters of a Carbosilane Dendrimer Bezgin, D. A.

3 1 p. 1-7
6 Synthesis of Monomeric Ionic Liquids Based on 4-Vinylbenzyl Chloride as Precursors of a Material for the Selective Layer of Gas Separation Membranes Atlaskina, M. E.

3 1 p. 36-42
7 The Modification of Polyethersulfone Membranes with Polyacrylic Acid Bildyukevich, A. V.

3 1 p. 24-35
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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