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1 Cellulose-Based Composite Gas Separation Membranes Syrtsova, D. A.

1 6 p. 353-360
2 Effect of Modification with Cesium Acid Salt of Phosphotungstic Acid on the Properties of Membranes Based on Grafted Sulfonated Polystyrene Prikhno, I. A.

1 6 p. 361-367
3 Effect of Support on Gas Transport Properties of PTMSP/UFFK and PTMSP/MFFK-1 Composite Membranes Ugrozov, V. V.

1 6 p. 347-352
4 Hydrodynamic Permeability of a Membrane Built up by Non-Homogenous Porous Cylindrical Particles Satya Deo,

1 6 p. 394-405
5 Investigation of the Scaling Mechanism in Membrane Modules and the Influence of Antiscalants on This Process Pervov, A. G.

1 6 p. 368-380
6 Process of Concentrating of Highly Mineralized Waters in an Air-Gap Membrane Distiller Novitskii, E. G.

1 6 p. 381-385
7 Reagent-Free Electromembrane Process for Decarbonization of Natural Water Zabolotsky, V. I.

1 6 p. 341-346
8 Ultrafiltration Membranes Based on Various Acrylonitrile Copolymers Matveev, D. N.

1 6 p. 386-393
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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