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1 Biochar from Agro-byproducts for Use as a Soil Amendment and Solid Biofuel Park, Sunyong

48 1 p. 93-103
2 Classification of Broken Maize Kernels Using Artificial Neural Network-Assisted Image-Processing Approach Pareek, C. M.

48 1 p. 55-68
3 Comparative Analysis of Tractor Ride Vibration According to Suspension System Configuration Han, Gyuha

48 1 p. 69-78
4 Determination of Oil Point Pressure of Sesame Seeds Using Oil Yield Versus Applied Pressure Model Shanthini, Rajaratnam

48 1 p. 46-54
5 Effect of Washing Operating Parameters on the Quality of Dried Salt in Salt Washing Plant Amir, Nizar

48 1 p. 1-12
6 Effects of the Glass Cover Absorber for Conical Solar Concentrator on the Thermal Collecting Efficiency Alsalame, Haedr Abdalha Mahmood

48 1 p. 79-92
7 Model Based Evaluation and Validation of High-Speed Cutting System for Paddy Crop Using Combine Harvester Modak, Shreyas

48 1 p. 13-25
8 Polyvinyl-Alcohol Cellulose Fiber Foam as a Sustainable Greenhouse Growth Medium Bilek, Michael A.

48 1 p. 36-45
9 Soybean Pod Morphology Classification Based on Machine Vision and Convolutional Neural Network Yu, Xiao

48 1 p. 26-35
                             9 results found
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