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1 A Modified Normalized Weighting Factor method for improving the efficiency of the blended high-resolution advection schemes in the context of multiphase flows MariƱo-Salguero, Jessica

3 3 p. 208-225
2 Complex bubble deformation and break-up dynamics studies using interface capturing approach Fan, Yuqiao

3 3 p. 139-151
3 3D simulation of gas-laden liquid flows in centrifugal pumps and the assessment of two-fluid CFD methods Hundshagen, Markus

3 3 p. 186-207
4 Efficient simulation of bubble dispersion and resulting interaction Yang, Xinghao

3 3 p. 152-170
5 Message from the Guest Editor of the 17th Multiphase Flow Conference Special Issue Lucas, Dirk

3 3 p. 137-138
6 Multi-fluid modelling of bubbly channel flows with an adaptive multi-group population balance method Papoulias, D.

3 3 p. 171-185
7 On sharp surface force model: Effect of sharpening coefficient Vachaparambil, Kurian J.

3 3 p. 226-232
                             7 results found
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