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1 Application of Machine Learning to Predict the Engineering Characteristics of Construction Material Bang, Jinho

5 1-2 p. 1-9
2 Effect of Shoe Outsole Wear on Friction during Dry and Wet Slips: A Multiscale Experimental and Computational Study Gupta, Shubham

5 1-2 p. 62-76
3 Energy-Based Boundary Conditions for Non-ordinary Peridynamics in Two Space Dimensions Zhu, Siqi

5 1-2 p. 23-34
4 Impact Testing of a Surrogate Human Head Model for Correlation of Bulk Acceleration to Intracranial Pressure Jackson, Aaron

5 1-2 p. 35-52
5 Predict Elastic Properties of Fiber Composites by an Artificial Neural Network Chang, Hao-Syuan

5 1-2 p. 53-61
6 Two-Level Model Controlled Synthesis of a Composite on a Substrate Kryukova, O. N.

5 1-2 p. 10-22
                             6 gevonden resultaten
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