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1 An Enhancement of the Computational Efficiency of Parametric Component Mode Synthesis Within Limited Parameter Domains Using Conventional Interpolations Lee, Jaehun

4 1-2 p. 66-72
2 A Review on Multiscale Modeling of Asphalt: Development and Applications Nie, Fenghua

4 1-2 p. 10-27
3 Heat and Mass Transfer During MHD Flow of a Nanofluid Containing Gyrotactic Microorganisms on a Stretching/Shrinking Sheet Ferdows, M.

4 1-2 p. 55-65
4 Modeling the Effect of In Situ Nozzle-Integrated Compression Rolling on the Void Reduction and Filaments-Filament Adhesion in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Qasaimeh, Momen

4 1-2 p. 37-54
5 Multiscale Phase Behaviors of Nematic Solids: A Short Review Go, Byeonghyeon

4 1-2 p. 28-36
6 Recent Studies on the Multiscale Models for Predicting Fracture Toughness of Polymer Nanocomposites Wang, Haolin

4 1-2 p. 1-9
                             6 results found
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