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1 Appraisal of groundwater to risk contamination near an abandoned limestone quarry pit in Nkalagu, Nigeria, using enrichment factor and statistical approaches Eyankware, M. O.

7 4 p. 603-621
2 Bottleneck analysis of lithium and boron recovery technologies from oil and gas produced water: a conceptual approach Machado, P. G.

7 4 p. 465-486
3 Comparison of methylene blue sequestration potentials of unmodified and Fenton’s modified plantain (Musa paradisiaca) peels biomass Oninla, Vincent O.

7 4 p. 535-548
4 Delineation of groundwater potential zones through the integration of remote sensing, geographic information system, and multi-criteria decision-making technique in the sub-Himalayan foothills region, India Mitra, R.

7 4 p. 581-601
5 Drainage holding capacity and wetland classification of three basins at Obuasi in Ashanti Region, Ghana Ampadu-Daaduam, A. P.

7 4 p. 623-639
6 Impact of thirteen run-of-river hydroelectric projects on land use land cover and ecosystem services in Nepal Neupane, S.

7 4 p. 513-533
7 Integration of statistical techniques in groundwater pollution investigation in the Assin north and south municipalities, Ghana Agyemang, V. O.

7 4 p. 567-580
8 Potential sites’ selection of groundwater zones using AHP and GIS-based multi-criteria approach of Kolkata Municipal Corporation Halder, B.

7 4 p. 549-566
9 Quantification of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon derivatives in the Arabian coastal seawater and freshwater samples Ahmed, A. M. A.

7 4 p. 499-511
10 Spatio-temporal factors influencing coliform and Escherichia coli contamination in gross pollutant trap and wetland inlet, Putrajaya, Malaysia Asfi, M. F.

7 4 p. 487-498
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