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1 An integrated geochemical and spatiotemporal assessment of groundwater resources within an industrial suburb, Southeastern Nigeria Okamkpa, J. R.

7 3 p. 355-374
2 Assessment of water and sediment quality of Gilsar Lake, Kashmir Parvaiz, A.

7 3 p. 387-400
3 Contribution of a hydrogeophysical approach to groundwater resource management in the developing world Aretouyap, Z.

7 3 p. 375-386
4 Cost of solar and wind electricity made dispatchable through hydrogen, thermal, and battery energy storage in NEOM City Boretti, A.

7 3 p. 309-326
5 Critical retrospection and evaluation of waste engine oil recycling methods Nissar, A.

7 3 p. 453-464
6 Different configuration comparisons for hybrid solar desalination systems: process and performance analyses Kabeel, A. E.

7 3 p. 437-452
7 Evaluation of groundwater chemistry and its impact on drinking, irrigation, and human health hazard risk assessment (HHRA) in Pincha river basin, semi-arid region of Andhra Pradesh, India Molagamudi, S. R.

7 3 p. 347-353
8 Hydrogeochemical approach in the assessment of coastal aquifer for domestic, industrial, and agricultural utilities in Port Harcourt urban, Southern Nigeria Eyankware, M. O.

7 3 p. 401-419
9 Improvement in electrical energy efficiency of solar photovoltaic panel by passive refrigeration cooling system Chandrasekar, M.

7 3 p. 421-436
10 Numerical investigation of wave impact characteristics on a vertical wall for the oscillating piston-type wave generator Poran, S.

7 3 p. 327-345
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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