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1 Assessment of the physico-chemical and bacteriological quality of groundwater in the Kert Plain, northeastern Morocco Hicham, G.

6 2 p. 133-147
2 Demarcation of groundwater potential zones using analytical hierarchical process in Cheyyeru watershed, India Shanmukha Srinivas, G.

6 2 p. 149-160
3 Effect of surface roughness and coating alternatives of seawater pipes on energy efficiency of ships Hussain, M.

6 2 p. 183-193
4 Hydrogeochemical and pollution assessment of water resources within a mining area, SE Nigeria, using an integrated approach Igwe, O.

6 2 p. 161-182
5 Hydrogeochemical assessment and appraisal of groundwater quality in Saltora Block, Bankura District, West Bengal, India Das, S.

6 2 p. 209-230
6 Monitoring groundwater quality status using geo-spatial technique: a case study on Malwa region Punjab, India Singh, Gurmeet

6 2 p. 253-266
7 Multivariate statistical and GIS methods for the assessment of heavy metal toxicity in Ekulu River, Southeastern, Nigeria Ifediegwu, S. I.

6 2 p. 195-208
8 Performance evaluation of Kainji hydro-electric power plant using artificial neural networks and multiple linear regression Ozigis, I. I.

6 2 p. 231-241
9 Pond sand filter as an alternative system for purifying drinking water: climate change perspective in Mongla, Bangladesh Hossain, Md. R.

6 2 p. 243-252
10 Treatment of West Assiut power plant reverse osmosis’ rejected water and its environmental impact reduction Gaber, A. M.

6 2 p. 267-275
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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