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1 Assessment of Riverbank Filtration for Sirwan River in Iraq Al-Jaf, Hnar

6 1 p. 103-112
2 Detection of pollutant source in groundwater using hybrid optimization model Ayaz, M.

6 1 p. 81-93
3 Electro-geohydraulic estimation of shallow aquifers of Owerri and environs, Southeastern Nigeria using multiple empirical resistivity equations Urom, O. O.

6 1 p. 15-36
4 Heavy metals pollution sources of the surface water of the Tunggak and Balok river in the Gebeng industrial area, Pahang, Malaysia Islam, M. S.

6 1 p. 113-120
5 Impacts of upstream water abstraction and climate variability on River Mpanga hydropower production in Uganda Onyutha, C.

6 1 p. 49-66
6 Investigation of groundwater and soil quality near to a municipal waste disposal site in Silchar, Assam, India Choudhury, M.

6 1 p. 37-47
7 Investigation of heat transfer and mechanical properties of Saccharum officinarum leaf board Etuk, S. E.

6 1 p. 95-102
8 Light scattering and consequent color change in Lukha River due to suspended aluminosilicate particles during winter months Kumar, V.

6 1 p. 121-132
9 Solvent-free deoxygenation of low-cost fat to produce diesel-like hydrocarbons over Ni–MoS2/Al2O3–TiO2 heterogenized catalyst Hanafi, Samia A.

6 1 p. 1-13
10 Vulnerability characterization for multi-carbonate aquifer systems in semiarid climate, case of Algerian–Tunisian transboundary basin Hamad, A.

6 1 p. 67-80
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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