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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Aerodynamic Design of Airfoil Shape for Gust Generation in a Transonic Wind Tunnel Natale, Nunzio

100 4 p. 345-362
2 Aerotecnica M&S 100 Years Ago: the Italian Civil Aviation in 1921 Frediani, Aldo

100 4 p. 291-301
3 AIDAA News #12 De Rosa, Sergio

100 4 p. 389-390
4 Correction to: A Computational Tool for the Design of Hybrid Rockets Zolla, Paolo Maria

100 4 p. 387
5 Investigation of Boundary Avoidance Tracking Theory from Ocular Parameters Through Simulator and Inflight Studies Babu, M. Dilli

100 4 p. 303-319
6 Mixed Kane–Newton Multi-Body Analysis of a Dual-Arm Robotic System for On-Orbit Servicing Missions De Bonis, Alex

100 4 p. 375-386
7 Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis Using Analytic Hierarchy Process for Electro-mechanical Actuators Doğan, Deniz Can

100 4 p. 321-335
8 Solar Sail Simplified Optimal Control Law for Reaching High Heliocentric Distances Caruso, Andrea

100 4 p. 337-344
9 Transmission Loss Analyses on Different Angular Distributions of Periodic Inclusions in a Porous Layer Catapane, Giuseppe

100 4 p. 363-373
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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