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1 Aerotecnica M&S 100 Years Ago: Enrico Pistolesi’s Aerodynamics Frediani, Aldo

100 2 p. 85-94
2 AIDAA News #10 De Rosa, Sergio

100 2 p. 171-174
3 Innovative Approach for Use of Hydrofoils on Ultralight Seaplane Maglione, Antonio

100 2 p. 123-129
4 Main Challenges and Goals of the H2020 STRATOFLY Project Viola, Nicole

100 2 p. 95-110
5 Model-Based FDI Applied to a Piezoelectric Active Vibration Suppression System for Smart Flexible Spacecraft Iannelli, Paolo

100 2 p. 147-160
6 Neighboring Optimal Guidance and Constrained Attitude Control for Accurate Orbit Injection Pontani, Mauro

100 2 p. 131-146
7 Simulation of Images and Digital Terrain Models for the Mission BepiColombo Borin, Nicolò

100 2 p. 161-169
8 Tiltrotor Acoustic Data Acquisition and Analysis Marano, A. D.

100 2 p. 111-122
                             8 results found
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