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1 Book Review: Beacons of Dharma: Spiritual Exemplars for the Modern Age—Ed. Christopher Patrick Miller, Michael Reading, and Jeffery D. Long Lanham, MD: Lexington Books 2020 Beldio, Patrick M.

5 2-3 p. 191-196
2 Is a Guru as Good as God? A Vedāntic Perspective Gupta, Akshay

5 2-3 p. 153-165
3 Karl-Stéphan Bouthillette: Dialogue and Doxography in Indian Philosophy: Points of View in Buddhist, Jaina, and Advaita Vedānta Traditions Suthren Hirst, Jacqueline G.

5 2-3 p. 201-203
4 Review of Robert McGahey, India: A Love Story Jackson, William Joseph

5 2-3 p. 189-190
5 Ritual and Rasa: a Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava Recasting of the Role of Ritual Imagination Herbert, Alan

5 2-3 p. 121-152
6 Steven J. Rosen, Śrī Chaitanya’s Life and Teachings: The Golden Avatāra of Divine Love Sil, Narasingha P.

5 2-3 p. 185-187
7 The Dhārmic Function of Sanskrit Kāvya: Poetry as a Suggestive Force Sreenath, V. S.

5 2-3 p. 167-184
8 Time’s Monsters: How History Makes History, by Priya Satia Maini, Shreya

5 2-3 p. 197-199
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