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1 Becoming Self, Becoming Cosmos: Introduction to Integral Yoga Psychology Kay, Jonathan

4 3 p. 347-352
2 Connected Worship: Locating Pāñcarātra Networks in Western and Central India Sahay, Srija

4 3 p. 313-328
3 Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics. Kenneth R. Valpey. Palgrave Macmillan, 2020 Sen, Supratik

4 3 p. 343-345
4 Reciprocal Interaction Between Śākta Theology and Ritual Praxis—a Study of Caṇḍī Pūjā and Devī Māhātmya in the Devī Mandir Community of Shree Maa Tang, Zipei

4 3 p. 295-311
5 The Dichotomized States of Shame in the Scholastic Buddhism Sun, Hao

4 3 p. 329-342
                             5 results found
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