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1 A Scoping Review of the Effort-Reward Imbalance Model Applied to Musculoskeletal Symptom Outcomes Stanhope, Jessica

5 1-2 p. 55-68
2 Better Work for a Better Weekend: Relationships between Job Performance, Positive Affect, and Pleasurable Weekend Experiences Demsky, Caitlin A.

5 1-2 p. 129-140
3 Employee Reactions to Interruptions from Family during Work Horvath, Michael

5 1-2 p. 141-162
4 Evaluation of a Total Worker Health® Leadership Development Program for Small Business Schwatka, Natalie V.

5 1-2 p. 163-188
5 How Long Can they Stand it? Examining the Effectiveness of Reflexology and a Passive Relaxation Intervention in Improving Health Outcomes in Workers Who Stand Kavanagh, Kathryn

5 1-2 p. 95-127
6 Longitudinal Outcomes of Witnessed Workplace Incivility: a Three-Wave Full Panel Study Exploring Mediators and Moderators Holm, Kristoffer

5 1-2 p. 189-216
7 Time to Disentangle the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Constructs: Developing a Taxonomy around ICT Use for Occupational Health Research Hu, Xinyu

5 1-2 p. 217-245
8 Working through the Pain: the Chronic Pain Experience of Full-Time Employees Gulseren, Duygu

5 1-2 p. 69-93
9 Workplace Interventions in Response to COVID-19: an Occupational Health Psychology Perspective Chang, Chu-Hsiang

5 1-2 p. 1-23
10 You, me, and OHP: Applying the Sociocultural Self Model to OHP Interventions Horan, Kristin A.

5 1-2 p. 25-53
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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