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1 Challenges for off-grid electrification in rural areas. Assessment of the situation in Namibia using the examples of Gam and Tsumkwe Hoeck, Inken

7 5 p. 508-522
2 Determination of endocrine disrupting effects of the antifouling pyrithiones on zebrafish (Danio rerio) Günal, Aysel Çağlan

7 5 p. 523-531
3 Determining cropping patterns with emphasis on optimal energy consumption using LCA and multi-objective planning: a case study in eastern Lorestan Province, Iran Marzban, Zahra

7 5 p. 489-507
4 Direct seeding offers affordable restoration for fly ash deposits Pandey, Vimal Chandra

7 5 p. 453-460
5 Exploring the potential of wastewater reclamation by means of outdoor cultivation of microalgae in photobioreactors Sarker, Nilay Kumar

7 5 p. 473-488
6 Impact assessment on water quality in the polluted stretch using a cluster analysis during pre- and COVID-19 lockdown of Tawi river basin, Jammu, North India: an environment resiliency Kour, Gagandeep

7 5 p. 461-472
7 Integrated remediation approaches for selected pharmaceutical and personal care products in urban soils for a sustainable future Ghahari, Sajjad

7 5 p. 439-452
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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