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1 Are companies using Twitter to greenwash and hide bad environmental performance? Johnson, Thomas F.

7 3 p. 213-226
2 Determinants of renewable energy consumption in agrarian Sub-Sahara African economies Bekun, Festus Victor

7 3 p. 227-235
3 Investigating the performance of acetylated diethyl ether–Camelina sativa biodiesel as fuel in compression ignition engine Oni, Babalola Aisosa

7 3 p. 281-295
4 Main determinants for ecological footprint: an econometric perspective from G20 countries Ansari, Mohd Arshad

7 3 p. 250-267
5 Shared investment in PV panels and battery storage for residential building Kannan, Anuradha

7 3 p. 236-249
6 Understanding consumers’ perspectives of electronic waste in an emerging economy: a case study of New Delhi, India Borthakur, Anwesha

7 3 p. 199-212
7 Vegetation attributes drive the taxonomic richness and functional composition of beetles and spiders in mountainous urban green spaces Damptey, Frederick Gyasi

7 3 p. 268-280
                             7 results found
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