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1 A preliminary study of fuel mixtures of industrial sludge, bottom ash, and municipal solid waste for co-firing in coal boilers Marganingrum, Dyah

7 2 p. 186-198
2 Combined impact of predatory insects and bio-pesticide over pest population: impulsive model-based study Al Basir, Fahad

7 2 p. 173-185
3 Determination of emergy and greenhouse gas as indexes for agro-ecosystems sustainability assessment in production Amini, Sherwin

7 2 p. 154-172
4 Ecotoxicological investigations of milking cow slurry and changes of oestrogenic compounds in the solid and liquid phase Gubó, Eduárd

7 2 p. 97-110
5 Mixed Mn oxides loaded biomass waste-based catalysts for methylene blue dye decoloration Ouédraogo, Igor W. K.

7 2 p. 142-153
6 Nitrogen and phosphorous loading by aquatic avifauna in a shallow eutrophic freshwater lake Adhurya, Sagar

7 2 p. 111-129
7 Short-term effects of forest management on litter decomposition in Caatinga dry forest Matos, Priscila Silva

7 2 p. 130-141
                             7 results found
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