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1 Additive Allee effect of top predator in a mathematical model of three species food chain Mandal, Supriya

6 5 p. 451-461
2 Biocapacity, human capital, and ecological footprint in G7 countries: the moderating role of urbanization and necessary lessons for emerging economies Nathaniel, Solomon P.

6 5 p. 435-450
3 Evaluation of biogas yield and kinetics from the anaerobic co-digestion of cow dung and horse dung: a strategy for sustainable management of livestock manure Alfa, Meshach Ileanwa

6 5 p. 425-434
4 Longitudinal study of changes in ecosystem services in a city of lakes, Bhopal, India Sharma, Sonali

6 5 p. 408-424
5 Olive mill wastewater effects on durum wheat crop attributes and soil microbial activities: A pilot study in Syria Khalil, Jehan

6 5 p. 469-477
6 Removal of pathogenic bacteria from synthetic contaminated water using packed bed silver nanoparticle-coated substrates Rashid, Israa M.

6 5 p. 462-468
7 The potentials of technology complementarity to address energy poverty in refugee hosting landscapes in Uganda Kay, Sonja

6 5 p. 395-407
                             7 results found
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