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1 Administrative Law as a Dual State. Authoritarian Elements of Administrative Law Schotel, Bas

13 1 p. 195-222
2 European Judicial Supervision of the Rule of Law: The Protection of the Independence of National Judges by the CJEU and the ECtHR Jelić, Ivana

13 1 p. 45-77
3 Poland’s Rule of Law Breakdown: A Five-Year Assessment of EU’s (In)Action Pech, Laurent

13 1 p. 1-43
4 Post-communist Chief Justices in Slovakia: From Transmission Belts to Semi-autonomous Actors? Kosař, David

13 1 p. 107-142
5 The Core Requirements of the International Rule of Law in the Practice of States Arajärvi, Noora

13 1 p. 173-193
6 The EU Rule of Law Initiative Towards the Western Balkans Hoxhaj, Andi

13 1 p. 143-172
7 The Rule of Law Conditionality Under Regulation No 2092/2020—Is it all About the Money? Łacny, Justyna

13 1 p. 79-105
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