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1 Designing Supporting Structures of Passenger Ropeways of Minimum Cost Based on Modular Intermediate Towers of Discretely Variable Height Lagerev, Alexander V.

6 4 p. 265-277
2 Design of Cloud Computing and Microservice-Based Urban Rail Transit Integrated Supervisory Control System Plus Yu, Songwei

6 4 p. 187-204
3 Effects of Traffic Loads and Track Parameters on Rail Wear: A Case Study for Yenikapi–Ataturk Airport Light Rail Transit Line Yılmaz Sönmez, Hazal

6 4 p. 244-264
4 Research on Subhealth Diagnosis Method for Resistance of Urban Rail Transit Door System Wei, Sulai

6 4 p. 218-230
5 Service Quality of Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit: Passengers’ Views and Perspectives Obsie, Adane

6 4 p. 231-243
6 Third-Rail Insulator Failure Causes and Mitigating Practices: A Comparative Study of Multiple Case Studies in the U.S. Rouhanizadeh, Behzad

6 4 p. 205-217
                             6 results found
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