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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A cooperative heterogeneous vehicular clustering framework for efficiency improvement Ahmad, Iftikhar

22 9 p. 1247-1259
2 A microstrip filter direct-coupled amplifier based on active coupling matrix synthesis Gao, Yang

22 9 p. 1260-1269
3 A review on cyber security named entity recognition Gao, Chen

22 9 p. 1153-1168
4 Associative affinity network learning for multi-object tracking Ma, Liang

22 9 p. 1194-1206
5 Design and verification of a transfer path optimization method for an aircraft on the aircraft carrier flight deck Si, Weichao

22 9 p. 1221-1233
6 Electrically tunable liquid crystal coplanar waveguide stepped-impedance resonator Fan, Xingye

22 9 p. 1270-1276
7 Forecasting traffic flows in irregular regions with multi-graph convolutional network and gated recurrent unit Seng, Dewen

22 9 p. 1179-1193
8 Learning-based parameter prediction for quality control in three-dimensional medical image compression Hou, Yuxuan

22 9 p. 1169-1178
9 Quality-related locally weighted soft sensing for non-stationary processes by a supervised Bayesian network with latent variables Xu, Yuxue

22 9 p. 1234-1246
10 Robust and accurate optimal transportation map by self-adaptive sampling Wang, Yingshi

22 9 p. 1207-1220
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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