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1 A BCH error correction scheme applied to FPGA with embedded memory Liu, Yang

22 8 p. 1127-1139
2 A mechanical reliability study of 3-dB waveguide hybrid couplers in submillimeter and terahertz bands Niu, Zhongqian

22 8 p. 1104-1113
3 A random finite set based joint probabilistic data association filter with non-homogeneous Markov chain Zhu, Yun

22 8 p. 1114-1126
4 A survey of cloud network fault diagnostic systems and tools Qi, Yining

22 8 p. 1031-1045
5 Doppler ambiguity analysis and suppression for LTE-based passive bistatic radars Zuo, Luo

22 8 p. 1140-1152
6 GPU-based multi-slice per pass algorithm in interactive volume illumination rendering Luo, Dening

22 8 p. 1092-1103
7 Improved binary artificial bee colony algorithm Durgut, Rafet

22 8 p. 1080-1091
8 Over-the-air measurement for MIMO systems Li, Jun

22 8 p. 1046-1058
9 Robust distributed model predictive consensus of discrete-time multi-agent systems: a self-triggered approach Li, Jiaqi

22 8 p. 1068-1079
10 Sampled data based containment control of second-order multi-agent systems under intermittent communications Wang, Fuyong

22 8 p. 1059-1067
                             10 results found
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