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1 Adaptive tracking control of high-order MIMO nonlinear systems with prescribed performance Wang, Xuerao

22 7 p. 986-1001
2 A data-driven method for estimating the target position of low-frequency sound sources in shallow seas Sun, Xianbin

22 7 p. 1020-1030
3 Analyzing close relations between target artifacts for improving IR-based requirement traceability recovery Wang, Haijuan

22 7 p. 957-968
4 An improved Merkle hash tree based secure scheme for bionic underwater acoustic communication Kaveh, Masoud

22 7 p. 1010-1019
5 A review of computer graphics approaches to urban modeling from a machine learning perspective Feng, Tian

22 7 p. 915-925
6 A self-supervised method for treatment recommendation in sepsis Zhu, Sihan

22 7 p. 926-939
7 Bio-inspired cryptosystem on the reciprocal domain: DNA strands mutate to secure health data Aashiq Banu, S.

22 7 p. 940-956
8 Discovering semantically related technical terms and web resources in Q&A discussions Jia, Junfang

22 7 p. 969-985
9 Motor speed estimation and failure detection of a small UAV using density of maxima Souza, Jefferson S.

22 7 p. 1002-1009
                             9 results found
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