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1 A creative concept for designing and simulating quaternary logic gates in quantum-dot cellular automata Navidi, Alireza

22 11 p. 1541-1550
2 A distributed stochastic optimization algorithm with gradient-tracking and distributed heavy-ball acceleration Sun, Bihao

22 11 p. 1463-1476
3 China in the eyes of news media: a case study under COVID-19 epidemic Huang, Hong

22 11 p. 1443-1457
4 Comprehensive evaluation factor of optoelectronic properties for transparent conductive metallic mesh films Zhang, Yilei

22 11 p. 1532-1540
5 Implementation of PRINCE with resource-efficient structures based on FPGAs Li, Lang

22 11 p. 1505-1516
6 Initial-condition-switched boosting extreme multistability and mechanism analysis in a memcapacitive oscillator Chen, Bei

22 11 p. 1517-1531
7 Lane changing assistance strategy based on an improved probabilistic model of dynamic occupancy grids Yang, Zhengcai

22 11 p. 1492-1504
8 Quantifying multiple social relationships based on a multiplex stochastic block model Wu, Mincheng

22 11 p. 1458-1462
9 UAV search-and-rescue planning using an adaptive memetic algorithm Hong, Libin

22 11 p. 1477-1491
10 Wearable devices and IoT applications for symptom detection, infection tracking, and diffusion containment of the COVID-19 pandemic: a survey de Fazio, Roberto

22 11 p. 1413-1442
                             10 results found
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