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1 A collaborative target tracking algorithm for multiple UAVs with inferior tracking capabilities Zheng, Zhi

22 10 p. 1334-1350
2 An adjustable anti-resonance frequency controller for a dual-stage actuation semi-active vibration isolation system Zhao, Bo

22 10 p. 1390-1401
3 Band-gap tunable (GaxIn1−x)2O3 layer grown by magnetron sputtering Zhang, Fabi

22 10 p. 1370-1378
4 Crowd modeling based on purposiveness and a destination-driven analysis method Ding, Ning

22 10 p. 1351-1369
5 Deep learning based wavefront sensor for complex wavefront detection in adaptive optical microscopes Hu, Shuwen

22 10 p. 1277-1288
6 Enhanced collection of scattered photons in nonlinear fluorescence microscopy by extended epi-detection with a silicon photomultiplier array Shi, Ruheng

22 10 p. 1289-1298
7 Firefly algorithm with division of roles for complex optimal scheduling Zhao, Jia

22 10 p. 1311-1333
8 MPIN: a macro-pixel integration network for light field super-resolution Wang, Xinya

22 10 p. 1299-1310
9 Pulse control of frequency and width for a real-time independently adjustable laser source Yang, Zhiwei

22 10 p. 1379-1389
10 Stability analysis of uncertain fractional-order neutral-type delay systems with actuator saturation Aghayan, Zahra Sadat

22 10 p. 1402-1412
                             10 results found
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