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1 Aharonov–Berry superoscillations in the radial harmonic oscillator potential Alpay, D.

7 3 p. 269-283
2 A new class of superoscillatory functions based on a generalized polar coordinate system Aharonov, Yakir

7 3 p. 307-313
3 Compressed and canalized emission of quantum emitters in MIM nano-cavities Palermo, Giovanna

7 3 p. 355-361
4 Efficient method to create superoscillations with generic target behavior Šoda, Barbara

7 3 p. 347-353
5 Energy-based weak measurement Waegell, Mordecai

7 3 p. 341-346
6 On the nature of the Sommerfeld–Brillouin forerunners (or precursors) Jakobsen, P. K.

7 3 p. 315-339
7 Schrödinger evolution of superoscillations with δ- and δ′-potentials Aharonov, Yakir

7 3 p. 293-305
8 Superresolution using supergrowth and intensity contrast imaging Jordan, Andrew N.

7 3 p. 285-292
                             8 results found
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