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1 Bohr meets Rovelli: a dispositionalist account of the quantum limits of knowledge Dorato, Mauro

7 2 p. 233-245
2 From thermodynamic sufficiency to information causality Harremo√ęs, Peter

7 2 p. 255-268
3 Knowledge by direct measurement versus inference from steering Aw, Clive

7 2 p. 247-254
4 Quantum measurement engines and their relevance for quantum interpretations Jordan, Andrew N.

7 2 p. 203-215
5 Real numbers are the hidden variables of classical mechanics Gisin, Nicolas

7 2 p. 197-201
6 The Copenhagen Conference: Quantum Limits of Knowledge Polzik, Eugene S.

7 2 p. 195
7 What condensed matter physics and statistical physics teach us about the limits of unitary time evolution Drossel, Barbara

7 2 p. 217-231
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