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1 A Comparison of Elementary Foreign Language Programs in China and the USA Si, Qi

14 3 p. 319-344
2 Developing Audiences Through Outreach and Education in the Major Performing Arts Institutions of Hong Kong: Towards a Conceptual Framework Chung, Fanny Ming Yan

14 3 p. 345-366
3 Identity and Nation in Shamsie’s Kartography and Kureishi’s The Buddha of Suburbia Akhtar, Samina

14 3 p. 483-501
4 Indonesia's Cheap Wages Regime: The Political Economy of Minimum Wages Policy under Jokowi Presidency Wulansari, Anindya Dessi

14 3 p. 417-444
5 Is the Trade-led Growth Hypothesis Valid for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Evidence from an ARDL Approach Islam, Md. Saiful

14 3 p. 445-463
6 Online Teaching Experience during the COVID-19 in Pakistan: Pedagogy–Technology Balance and Student Engagement Abid, Tayyaba

14 3 p. 367-391
7 The Influence of Hedonistic Culture to Minangkabau Juveniles’ Social Behaviors in the Twenty-first Century Remiswal, Remiswal

14 3 p. 465-481
8 Translating Culture-Bound Elements: A Case Study of Traditional Chinese Theatre in the Socio-Cultural Context of Hong Kong Chung, Fanny Ming Yan

14 3 p. 393-415
                             8 results found
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