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1 A Critique of Nigerian Federalism and Need for Restructuring Towards Achieving Vision 2030 Okpevra, Uwomano Benjamin

14 2 p. 265-284
2 Chinese Grand Strategies in Central Asia: The Role of Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Belt and Road Initiative Pradhan, Ramakrushna

14 2 p. 197-223
3 Influence of an Intercultural Factor on the Formation of Sociocultural Capital of a Polyethnic City Bukrieieva, Iryna

14 2 p. 243-264
4 Literary Visions and Categorical Thinking Chu, Xiaoquan

14 2 p. 303-317
5 Multinational Companies’ Hedging Effectiveness of Foreign Exchange Risk: A Quantitative Comparison Study Zhang, Xinbo

14 2 p. 285-302
6 Security Governance in East Asia and China’s Response to COVID-19 Caballero-Anthony, Mely

14 2 p. 153-172
7 Shifting the Focus to East and Southeast Asia: A Critical Review of Regional Game Research Anh, Phan Quang

14 2 p. 173-196
8 States, Nations, and Civilizations Therborn, Göran

14 2 p. 225-242
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