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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A stochastic model of chemorepulsion with additive noise and nonlinear sensitivity Chevyrev, Ilya

11 2 p. 730-772
2 Bismut-Stroock Hessian formulas and local Hessian estimates for heat semigroups and harmonic functions on Riemannian manifolds Chen, Qing-Qian

11 2 p. 685-713
3 Intrusive and non-intrusive chaos approximation for a two-dimensional steady state Navier–Stokes system with random forcing Lototsky, S. V.

11 2 p. 481-502
4 Moderate deviations for systems of slow–fast stochastic reaction–diffusion equations Gasteratos, Ioannis

11 2 p. 503-598
5 Paracontrolled calculus for quasilinear singular PDEs Bailleul, I.

11 2 p. 599-650
6 Quasi-invariance of Gaussian measures for the periodic Benjamin-Ono-BBM equation Genovese, Giuseppe

11 2 p. 651-684
7 Regularisation by regular noise Gerencsér, Máté

11 2 p. 714-729
8 Subordinated Gaussian random fields in elliptic partial differential equations Merkle, Robin

11 2 p. 819-867
9 The stochastic Fisher-KPP Equation with seed bank and on/off branching coalescing Brownian motion Blath, Jochen

11 2 p. 773-818
10 Well-posedness for a stochastic 2D Euler equation with transport noise Lang, Oana

11 2 p. 433-480
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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