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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A survey on de novo assembly methods for single-molecular sequencing Chen, Ying

8 3 p. 203-215
2 Cellbow: a robust customizable cell segmentation program Ren, Huixia

8 3 p. 245-255
3 CELLO: a longitudinal data analysis toolbox untangling cancer evolution Jiang, Biaobin

8 3 p. 256-266
4 Cistrome Data Browser and Toolkit: analyzing human and mouse genomic data using compendia of ChIP-seq and chromatin accessibility data Zheng, Rongbin

8 3 p. 267-276
5 Critical transitions and tipping points in EMT Wang, Peng

8 3 p. 195-202
6 DNA sequencing using nanopores and kinetic proofreading Ling, Xinsheng Sean

8 3 p. 187-194
7 Erratum to: Identifying miRNA-disease association based on integrating miRNA topological similarity and functional similarity Chen, Qingfeng

8 3 p. 277
8 Germline genomes have a dominant-heritable contribution to cancer immune evasion and immunotherapy response Jiang, Xue

8 3 p. 216-227
9 Monitoring and mathematical modeling of mitochondrial ATP in myotubes at single-cell level reveals two distinct population with different kinetics Matsuda, Naoki

8 3 p. 228-237
10 Transportation, germs, culture: a dynamic graph model of COVID-19 outbreak Yang, Xiaofei

8 3 p. 238-244
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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