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1 A Hierarchical Bayes Approach to Modeling Heterogeneity in Discrete Choice Experiments: An Application to Public Preferences for Prenatal Screening Mohammadi, Tima

13 2 p. 211-223
2 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: The Role of Survey Training Materials in Stated-Preference Studies Vass, Caroline M.

13 2 p. 163-173
3 Assessing the Patient Experience of Hypoparathyroidism Symptoms: Development of the Hypoparathyroidism Patient Experience Scale-Symptom (HPES-Symptom) Brod, Meryl

13 2 p. 151-162
4 Development and Content Validity Testing of Patient-Reported Outcome Items for Children to Self-Assess Symptoms of the Common Cold Halstead, Patricia

13 2 p. 235-250
5 Involving People with Learning Disabilities in Guideline Development Karpusheff, Justine

13 2 p. 251-254
6 “Lower abdominal pains, as if I was being squeezed…in a clamp”: A Qualitative Analysis of Symptoms, Patient-Perceived Side Effects and Impacts of Ovarian Cancer Martin, Mona L.

13 2 p. 189-200
7 Patient Perspectives on Novel Treatments in Haemophilia: A Qualitative Study van Balen, Erna C.

13 2 p. 201-210
8 Tapering Biologic Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Qualitative Study of Patient Perspectives Chan, Suz Jack

13 2 p. 225-234
9 Use of Patient Preference Studies in HTA Decision Making: A NICE Perspective Bouvy, Jacoline C.

13 2 p. 145-149
10 Using Animation to Self-Report Health: A Randomized Experiment with Children Guerriero, Carla

13 2 p. 175-188
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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