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1 Arabidopsis Sar1 isoforms play redundant roles in female gametophytic development Liang, Xin

36 4 p. 349-354
2 A simple method for measuring pollen germination rate using machine learning Yamazaki, Akira

36 4 p. 355-364
3 Evolutionary features of microspore and pollen grain development in Cyperaceae Rocha, Danilo Massuia

36 4 p. 333-342
4 Genome-wide identification of the C2H2-Zinc finger gene family and functional validation of CsZFP7 in citrus nucellar embryogenesis Jia, Hui-Hui

36 4 p. 287-300
5 Interploidy gene flow via a ‘pentaploid bridge’ and ploidy reduction in Cystopteris fragilis fern complex (Cystopteridaceae: Polypodiales) Ptáček, Jan

36 4 p. 321-331
6 The presence of β’1-COP and β’2-COP is required for female and male gametophyte development Sánchez-Simarro, Judit

36 4 p. 343-347
7 The roles of a novel CDKB/KRP/FB3 cell cycle core complex in rice gametes and initiation of embryogenesis Xu, Hengping

36 4 p. 301-320
                             7 results found
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