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1 Heat stress promotes haploid formation during CENH3-mediated genome elimination in Arabidopsis Jin, Chunlian

36 2 p. 147-155
2 Ontogeny of the pollinium in Hoya carnosa provides new insights into microsporogenesis Kuang, Yan-Feng

36 2 p. 193-211
3 Pollen tube invasive growth is promoted by callose Kapoor, Karuna

36 2 p. 157-171
4 The hydroxyproline O-arabinosyltransferase FIN4 is required for tomato pollen intine development Jaffri, Syeda Roop Fatima

36 2 p. 173-191
5 Whole-mount RNA in situ hybridization technique in Torenia ovules Su, Shihao

36 2 p. 139-146
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